How to pre-populate Adobe Campaign form fields with profile details?

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Studies show that the conversions of web form decrease with the increase in number of fields that users have to fill. No one likes filling up long list of information repeatedly.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we can reduce the time it takes for users to fill up the form but still capture the important data?

Good News is that Adobe Campaign Standard has the powerful capability to pre-filling the form fields. When a user opens a form, the values for those fields are prefilled. To pre-populate the form, the profiles must already exist in the database.

A simple business requirement: we send out a product launch email to our leads and the call to action is to register their interest. The CTA button on the email is hyperlinked to a form that requests their email addresses, first name, last name and their mobile number. Since we already have their basic information like email addresses and first name, we do not want to ask them again. The fields should be pre-populated with those information so they only need to fill up the new details or update the existing details.

In ACS, there’s a unique id called Primary key. This key can be generated automatically each time a profile is created. It is used to identify a profile.

To perform the requirement above, we need to pass the query parameter of primary key on the email CTA URL. The URL can be encoded as below<%=escapeUrl(context.profile.PKey)%>

Once user clicks on the URL on the email, they will land on the form with prefilled information.

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