Adobe Campaign Standard Form data-nl-* tags

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In the ACS default form template e.g. Acquisition form template, you will notice some tags which starts with “data-nl-“.

Here are the list of the tags and the function for each tag.

  • data-nl-* are data attributes used by out of the box ACS js library to map personalization data from your schema to form.
  • data-nl-ismandatory: The value is equal to “true” when the field is required in your schema or form
  • data-nl-label: Represents the value of your schema fields label or form
  • data-nl-xpath: Represents the value of your schema fields name
  • data-nl-type: Represents the data type of your schema fields
  • these values are directly related to your target schema if your form and all non-computed fields will be available to attach to your form.

In the case of recipient:

longNumber of errorsNumber of consecutive errors when sending to this address.
longQuality ratingAddress quality rating.
booleanNo longer contact (by any channel)No longer contact (by any channel)
booleanNo longer contact by emailNo longer contact by email
booleanNo longer contact by faxNo longer contact by fax
booleanNo longer contact by SMS/MMSNo longer contact by SMS/MMS
booleanNo longer contact by phoneNo longer contact by phone
booleanNo longer contact by direct mailNo longer contact by direct mail
byteEmail formatEmail format type
longForeign key of the link ‘Folder’ (field ‘id’)Foreign key of the link ‘Folder’ (field ‘id’)
byteGenderRecipient sex
longPrimary keyInternal primary key
memoXML memoMemo field containing data stored as XML
string 30Account #Account #
string 80Address 1 (apartment)Address 1: recipient identification detail: door or letterbox number, floor, staircase, company name…
string 80Address 2Address 2: geographical address detail: entrance, wing, building…
string 80Address 3 (Number and street)Address 3: street number and name
string 80Address 4 (county)Address 4: county or special delivery instructions, postbox…
string 75CityCity
string 80CompanyCompany name of recipient
string 3Country codeCountry code
string 128EmailEmail address
string 32FaxFax number
string 30First nameRecipient first name
string 32LanguagePreferred language of the recipient
string 50Last nameRecipient last name
string 30Middle nameMiddle name of recipient
string 32MobileMobile phone number
string 80OriginOrigin of address (broker…)
string 32PhonePhone number
string 20SalutationRecipient title
string 50State/Province codeState/Province code
string 180Text 1User defined text field
string 180Text 2User defined text field
string 180Text 3User defined text field
string 180Text 4User defined text field
string 180Text 5User defined text field
string 20Zip/PostcodeZip/Postcode
datetimeLast qualificationLast-qualification date of the address.
dateBirth dateBirth date
datetimeCreation dateCreation date
datetimeModification dateModification date
datetimeOptout TimestampOptout Timestamp

The possible values for data-nl-type=”action” include:

data-nl-type=”action” data-nl-action=”none”
data-nl-type=”action” data-nl-action=”refresh”
data-nl-type=”action” data-nl-action=”next”
data-nl-type=”action” data-nl-action=”previous”

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