Should You Go Chatbot Style?

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Nowadays, we are seeing explosion of AI and Machine Learning in businesses. We all know that a website is very important, especially for businesses to establish themselves in the digital world. After all, this is the only way to reach maximum potential customers all around the world. The UX design of the website evolved from static HTML to mobile optimised and now the latest trend is conversational style (Chatbot style). A conversational interface or a device that uses conversational UI can create a deeper personal connection between a user and a system.

With the availability of API, you can now easily implement conversational interface on your website. Replacing your web form with an interactive conversation interface is the need of the hour, considering that they have the potential to significantly change the customer experience on your website.

What Is a Chatbot style form?

Also known as the conversational form (true to its name) is a interface that take the visitor on a conversational tour. The main advantage of this style is that it collects data while conversing with the user. In short, a traditional web form and a chatbot do the same thing of collecting data, it is just their approaches which are very different from each other.

How Is a Chatbot Better Than the Traditional Forms?

Chatbots have become the hottest trend in the digital world these days because of its upper hand in collecting leads when compared to the traditional web forms. The web forms are still mainly based on old paper forms – the zombie remains of the system-centric user interface (vs. user-centric). Before the birth of a completely new paradigm, we are somewhere between the painful, clunky, tedious and repetitive” typing in forms” early stage and the easy-breezy, stupid-proof future of Touch ID, voice printing, computer vision and facial recognition. However, availability of API has made it easier than ever to turn your web form into a Chatbot. Here are few reasons that will show why you should opt for the chatbot style.

  • Improved Customer Service

It is common for users to visit websites to find solutions for their problems. For example, they need assistance while shopping or with their transitions and order details. A chatbot will do that for you in real-time same as the salesperson in a store. Chatbot provides an interactive conversation with the customer that helps the customer know the answers better. It will ask the users question to understand the actual problem and will provide solutions accordingly. In addition, a chatbot will provide 24/7 customer service, which is always a plus point for doing business in different time zones of the world.

  • Interactive Communication

It is a known fact that people prefer conversing rather than just filling out the forms for their problems. Using traditional web forms is like asking customers their personal details or rather demanding from them. A conversational tone makes it look softer and builds trust. The conversational forms can talk and so, ask questions one by one to gather the information needed for generating leads and forwarding it to the sales team.

  • No More Spams or The Annoying Captcha

Everyone in this world hates filling out a Captcha. After all, those annoying, impossible to read captchas are the most dreadful thing while filling out a form. But staying away from any kind of spam is essential in a web form. However, while using chatbots, you can avoid those captcha fillers because someone who is able to interact and navigate is surely a human (at least for now). This allows you to take down the shield of spam presentation measures and also helps your customers stay away from that irritating Captcha experience.

  • Getting Feedbacks

Understanding your customers and improving your services for their convenience is the main motive of every business. With chatbot, you can get feedback from the visitors or the users of the website while communicating with them. This data can be later used to improve your website or services to improve consumer satisfaction. After all, isn’t a happy customer what brings you more business?

In a nutshell, if you are designing a website, then yes, you should think of including the conversational form or the chatbot style instead of the traditional web forms. These few extra codes shall make your website more entertaining, which will convert your visitors to customers.

If it is your first foray into conversational interfaces, the contact form on a website or mobile application is a great place to start with such a new type of user interface. Conversational interfaces open the potential to collect information beyond the immediate question at hand, due to the natural trends and speech patterns of people .

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