Oracle Marketing Cloud (Eloqua)

Deliver the best of customer experiences to your customers
using Oracle Marketing Cloud (ELOQUA).

Customer behavior has changed dramatically over the years, and it is no brainer that the old marketing approach won’t work for the millennial customers who are now tech-savvy, demanding and on the move. As a proactive business owner who is aware of the changes in the marketing space, you do your very best to deliver outstanding customer services. But how do you provide these exceptional services through all possible means in a more targeted, personalized and sales-driven way? You need an innovative technology that allows a broader perspective into data management, cross-channel marketing and optimization of marketing across all platforms using smartly developed tools.

At The Green Brain, we provide implementation service for always-on and ad hoc campaign. Need to get that one off campaign up and running in 24 hours? We can help! We are always more than ready to assist with getting your Eloqua marketing cloud up and running.  Contact us now for a FREE consultation! You can also request for a demo session to have a broad overview of the marketing possibilities of Eloqua.

Interesting Features of Eloqua – Oracle Marketing Cloud

Here are some of the important features of Eloqua and its marketing capabilities. At the The Green Brain we help you leverage this modern tool to drive your business to new levels of business profitability and scalability.

Marketing Automation

B2B sales and marketing redefined. Now you can categorize your B2B data, design actionable campaigns, launch them, identify behavior patterns, convert sales and review analytics. Rinse and Repeat.

Omni-Channel Orchestration

Move past the basic B2c email marketing and scale across all possible digital channels with highly optimized digital marketing across email, social and mobile with brand consistency.

Data Management Platform 

Carry out personalized campaign through high end data management platform to improve the overall experience of your customers. Streamline media partners, channels and audiences right across all digital channels.

Intuitive Content Marketing

Schedule and deliver the right marketing content to the right person at the right time and close sales like never before, Deliver specific engaging content on multiple

Social Marketing

Leverage the intuitive social technologies in the Eloqua platform and engage with customers like never before. Push relevant content to a different class of audience and analyze results.

Experiment, Test and Optimize

Organize personal marketing data, carry A/B testing, track and analyze customers’ response to campaigns across all digital platforms. With the Eloqua marketing Tool, you will gain unforeseeable customer insights for optimized results.

Oracle Cloud Space

Explore hundreds of pre-integrated Apps to streamline your marketing efforts just in one single cloud.

New to Oracle Marketing Cloud?

We can answer all the questions that you may have before deploying this powerful marketing tool.

Right from consultation to personnel training, we help you harness the powerful features of Eloqua to increase your sales volume and overall business performance.

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