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What we do?

Demand Generation

We generate qualified Leads through a brand awareness strategy. By taking advantage of the pain points of your target audience, we will be able to raise a problem in them and offer your products or services as the only solution they will not be able to renounce.

Marketing Automation

Targeting, engaging and nurturing your leads is a crucial but quite intricate task. By using the latest technologies we know exactly where to find your leads, how to communicate with them, and the right time to send your message to them.

Analysis and Optimization

To maximize the profit of your marketing system, we will analyze the processes that determine your sales structure and optimize them to increase conversion rates and not waste business resources.

Customer-Centric Website

To sell is necessary that every detail from the website to the contents, are centered on the customer and not on your services or your brand. One of our expertise is to create result-driven web design to optimise Inbound Marketing success.

«A few words
about us»

What differentiates The Green Brain is its ability to exploit the constant technological development in favor of companies, offering an end-to-end journey for the entire sales process that utilizes the latest generation tools and knowledge to automate the marketing process. Machine learning and AI have very high potential that has to be exploited to their advantage, to make the most of their marketing processes; and this is what we offer. From Lead Generation campaigns to Leads Qualification using lead scoring, up to the Leads Nurturing to convert them into real customers, every process carried out with our support will take advantage of new technologies to analyze and optimize any data in your favor. In this way, we could implement targeted strategies to follow your customers after the purchase and turn them into returning customers. The Green Brain is driven by innovation and technology; only with our resources, will you be able to make the most of your marketing systems.

— The Green Brain

The Steps That Determine The Success Of Your Business.

Lead Generation

The first step of a functional and efficient funnel is to acquire targeted leads. By increasing the awareness of your brand, your products or your services, we will be able to not only generate targeted leads for your business, but to establish the foundation of a relationship of trust, necessary to transform your leads into customers in the next steps.

Lead Nurturing

The next step in our efficient marketing system involves educating your leads on the products and services offered. The relationship of trust triggered in the first step will be consolidated through the knowledge of benefits that your leads can derive from your products and services.

Lead Qualification

Before the sale, it is necessary to verify that your prospects are Marketing Qualified Leads. In this step it is necessary that your leads have expressed some interest in your products, and must have been educated enough to be willing to buy. With the right nurturing process, we will be able to generate extremely qualified and profiled leads for your products.

Sales Process

The last step consists of the sales. The sales process must be as smooth and simple as possible; there must not be too many forms to fill out or pages to visit. A single mistake could make you lose a sale, but with our services you don't get into any of these problems.

Platforms we support

We understand there's no such one-size-fit-all solution.

Oracle Marketing Cloud - Eloqua
Silver Pop
Oracle Marketing Cloud - Eloqua
Adobe Campaign Standard

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