Adobe Campaign Standard

Your customer’s journey shouldn’t be left to chance. Like everything else in your business, it should be mapped out and planned to the best of your ability.

With Adobe Campaign Standard, your customers’ journey can be easily mapped out on a single page. Drag and drop the elements of your campaign on the page and integrate with other services for robust omni-channel marketing.

Stay in Touch with ALL of Your customers

All of your customers have unique needs and requirements and should be managed that way. With this tool, you have the ability to segment and cross-segment customers in virtually limitless ways. Personalization is becoming more important and being able to satisfy each customers’ unique needs is crucial.

Adobe Campaign Standard gives you that ability.

Real-Time Information

In order to make decisions quickly and accurately, you need access to the latest data on your customers and to be able to adjust your marketing campaign accordingly.

The best way to be able to tie all of this relevant data together is by giving you the ability to connect all of your marketing channels. That’s exactly what the Adobe Campaign Standard does.

Expert Implementation and Support

No company does a better job of helping you to take full advantage of this capability than the experts at The Green Brain. We’ll get you up and running with Campaign Standard fast and we’ll show you how to take full advantage of all of its features.
We can help with single campaigns or any number of different scenarios to ensure your customers’ journeys are on target and their needs are being served.

Request a call back to discuss your unique needs or request a demonstration to get an overview of Adobe Campaign Standard’s features and benefits.

New to Marketing Automation ?

We help you deploy Adobe Campaign Standard and walk you through all you need to know to transform your business. We are marketers ourselves, and we understand how all the tools work when to use and apply them for measurable results.

Contact us today! Our experts will respond promptly to all inquiries that you may have concerning any of the modern marketing tools. If you are not sure which of the cloud marketing tools to deploy, we will consult with you and help you choose the right solution that aligns with your business culture.

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